Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mix and Match

Since yatt done with her N3 and talk about this flower so, apa kata i just follow and share together with yatt..okkan Yatt, ....ekceli kak sue have 4 pcs and the other 2 pcs kak sue give to u......i also dun know what type of this flower?? what i know this also old pattern.....since a years i still not found her pattner ...but never give up and try to keep searching to the other pleace....hemmm maybe i got it or may be not..sabar ..n terus sabar mencari .... , as you seen right now .i'm try to mix and match with this cup and creamer ..wauuuu look even better then nothing ..hemmm i think ok jugak rather than we leave her alone ...layzzzzzzzzz ..yatt ok kan ..apa kata yatt kena mix and match jugak hee

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~Yatt~ said...

salam k.sue..betul ler akak..tak berapa jelas bunga aper nie..nak bagi nama pun xtau..hehe..neway sy dah letak sekali ngan set sakura saya tu..matching banget!! yang milk jug tu pun cun..bunganyer ala2 pgn makan sy tp tak sama 100%